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Handmade Natural Muscle Rub


All Natural Muscle Rubs

Penetrating Ache Away™ Muscle Rub:

All-natural and penetrating! This stuff is amazing!!

• Enriched with Emu Oil, menthol, camphor and other all natural ingredients to warm and cool tired sore muscles and joints!

•Works as a pre-exercise warm up rub to prepare the muscles to reduce chances of muscle soreness.

• Provides fast, effective relief for muscle aches, soreness and stiffness & achy joints due to workouts, strains, etc..

• Long-lasting, easy to apply, non-greasy and non-staining!

2 oz. tin
Qty. $12.00

2.5 oz. stick
Qty. $14.00
4 oz. tin
Qty. $20.00
Note: It is normal to produce a temporary skin reddening (30-60 min.), as it stimulates circulation and brings cooling to the area applied.
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A satisfied customer writes:

My husband is a truck driver and gets really sore shoulders, arms and neck. He is very impressed with the Muscle Rub! He has tried everything before and nothing works like this!

~Arlene L. / La Crosse, WI


I just received my Ache-Away yesterday and just in time I might add! My neck and shoulders have been killing me from sitting at the computer for hours at my job! I applied the rub the minute I got it. It did take a few minutes before I felt it, but then it soothed me for hours and it was great! I typically use a product called Biofreeze and this was even better for me! I had hubby rub some more in before bed and I slept great - without my usual battle with my neck and pillow to get comfortable! Thanks for a GREAT product and the pain relief!

~Joan Penfold / Spring Hill, FL


I keep the little jar of Muscle-Rub in my purse at work and we have found several other uses for it! First - it is great on itchy bug bites. Rub a little onto the bite spot and it takes the itch right out. It is also great for opening sinuses when you have a stuffy nose. Several girls in my office are suffering from allergies and they have been rubbing a little on their chest or under their noses to open them up. I have also found that when I use it before bed on my sore neck that it opens me up and decreases my snoring..... Thought I would share!

~Joan Penfold / Spring Hill, FL


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