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Mineral Setting Veils

Natural Mineral Cosmetics, MINERAL SETTING VEILS:

Mineral Setting Veils are 100% pure mineral powders for the face. Thei special forumula adds a translucent "finishing touch" to your mineral makeup. Mineral Setting Veils blend into your skin, adding a soft light glow, like a diffused camera lens. For a smooth, matte and shine-free finish over foundation and colors, buff this mineral setting veil over entire face. Ideal for all skin tones.

Mineral Setting Veils also help to control oil and shine and minimize the appearance of pores and lines. Free from parabens, waxes, dyes and other chemicals found in synthetic pressed and loose powders.

Mineral Setting Veils

Recommended Use
Mineral Makeup Foundations - Cosmetic Use
Facial Cosmetic Use




Natural Mineral Makeup Setting Veils

Place small amount in cap. Swirl brush into minerals. Remove excess by tapping side into cap. Tap bottom of brush onto countertop to set minerals into brush. Gently dust over entire face.


Buttercream (yellow)
Mineral Setting Veils | Buttercream

Rose Bud (pink)
Mineral Setting Veils | Rose Bud

Warm Sand (tan)
Mineral Setting Veils | Warm Sand

COLOR 30g Sifter Jar 9g Refill in baggie Sample in baggie


Qty. $24.99 Qty. $22.99 Qty. $2.00

Rose Bud

Qty. $24.99 Qty. $22.99 Qty. $2.00

Warm Sand

Qty. $24.99 Qty. $22.99 Qty. $2.00
Recommended Brushes: Apply your minerals with these high quality professional makeup brushes. Top Recommended: Jumbo Powder Brush

Jumbo Powder Brush:

Description Jumbo Powder Brush
Jumbo Powder Brush

Small Kabuki Brush:

Description Small Kabuki Brush
Small Kabuki Brush

Mini Bronzer Brush:

Description Mini Bronzer Brush
Mini Bronzer Brush

Large Kabuki Brush

Description Large Kabuki Brush
Large Kabuki Brush

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