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Mineral Makeup Color Sample Packs

Complete Mineral Makeup COLOR SAMPLE PACKS:

Mineral Color Sample Packs

Notes on Photo:

Photo to Illustrate packaging and size, (compared to a dime) not color selection. Refer to the product pages to see what colors are included.

Recommended Use
Mineral Makeup Foundations - Cosmetic Use
Facial Cosmetic Use





Complete Mineral Makeup Color Sample Sets:

Now you can sample Handmade Natural Beauty before purchasing full-sized items! The mineral makeup samples are approximately .2 oz. baggies filled with just enough to see the color and have an opportunity to experience the product before committing to a full size jar! Each Sample Set is sold separately by product and includes one of EACH of the colors offered of that product so you can see everything Handmade Natural Beauty has to offer in a mineral makeup line!

Sample Sets include:

Mineral Foundations Sample Set (10)
Mineral Setting Veils Sample Set (3)
Mineral Bronzers Sample Set (3)
Mineral Blushes Sample Set (6)
Multi-Purpose Minerals Sample Set (12)
Super-Matte Eye Colors Sample Set (15)

Please note, if you are interested in trying just particular colors, samples are available on each product page of the mineral cosmetics items.

ITEM Sampler Set

Mineral Foundations Sample Set

Qty. $19.99

Mineral Setting Veils Sample Set

Qty. $5.99

Mineral Bronzers Sample Set

Qty. $5.99

Mineral Blushes Sample Set

Qty. $11.99

Multi-Purpose Minerals Sample Set

Qty. $23.99

Super-Matte Eye Colors Sample Set

Qty. $29.99

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